Pluots: Tips and Tricks

A hybrid fruit in the best possible way, pluots are the perfect marriage of plums and apricots. Simultaneously juicy and succulently sweet, pluots are one of the most decadent fruits of the summer. A fruit this delicious deserves some tender love and care, so implement these tips and tricks when working with pluots to get the most out of this fantastic fruit.

  • When selecting a pluot, look for the telltale signs of a fresh plums; the best ones are plump and pleasantly fragrant, but should give to slight pressure. As with all fruits, avoid any pluots that have signs of damage or premature aging. 
  • If you have a pluot that isn’t fully ripe, allow it to sit on your kitchen counter for a few days. Once it’s fully mature, toss it in the fridge in a loose paper bag to extend its shelf life for another week or so.
  • Fun Fact: When a pluot is fully ripe, it will start to lose the shine on the outside of its skin!
  • Although pluots have a higher sugar content than both plums and apricots, they make up for it with a high vitamin C content and a decent amount of potassium, making them a a solid nutritional snack. 
  • Since pluots share aspects of both plums and apricots, they’ll work with a lot of different flavors. If you want to undercut the sweetness, we’d recommend pairing pluots with an Italian cured meat like salami or prosciutto. Alternatively, serve up an extra sweet treat by adding fresh pluot slices to vanilla ice cream and topping with honey!
    • Pro Tip: If you want to stick in the fruit realm, pluots pair well with stone fruits, citrus, and melons.