A Lot O’ Pluot: A Pluot Dish For Every Meal

Fruits are so much more than an afternoon snack or last-minute add on. Some of our favorite dishes throughout the day incorporate fruit in unexpected ways; try a blueberry mojito or apple salad and you’ll quickly see why. If you’re looking for an all day-fruit, pluots are an excellent fruit due to their complex flavor and juicy texture, plus they’re an intriguing, eye-catching fruit for your customers. Test out these items and start using pluots all day!

Breakfast: Pluot Parfait

Move over strawberries, there’s a new sheriff in town. Similar to other stone fruits, the rich sweetness of pluots is a welcome addition in greek yogurt parfaits. Mix it up with a variety of textures through granola, coconut flakes, or other stone fruits for best results. 

Lunch: Pluot Salad

We love adding pluots to salads because it’s easy to bring it up a notch. For example, you can keep it simple by pairing a chicory like frisee with pluots and toss both in a vinaigrette or class it up by adding roasted duck! Try and work with a variety of flavors in your pluot salad; spicy, savory, and citrusy flavors all have a place in the bowl. 

Dinner: Pork Tenderloins in Pluot Sauce

Classy and filling, pork tenderloins are awesome on their own. When soaked in a white wine pluot sauce, they become a revelation. Pluots eventually break down into a thick sauce when cooked in wine, creating a beautiful compote. Pop a few slices on top for a classy garnish and serve alongside roasted veggies. 

Dessert: Wine Poached Pluots

Wine poached pluots rock. They’re delicately soft, juicy, and packed to the brim with honeyed sweetness. Be careful which wine you use for poaching though; fruit-forward favorites like resiling or moscato are your best bets. Afterwards, drop the pluots onto some vanilla ice cream or pair with a solid wine!

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Cocktail Hour: Pluot Bellini

An alternative take on the classic peach Bellini, pluot Bellinis retain that classic stone fruit flair while bringing in a deep red color with underlying plum notes.To prepare, simply add a bit of pluot puree to a glass of Prosecco and serve chilled.