Plain and Simple Tips For Killer Plantain Chips

Health-conscious chefs know the struggle of balancing nutrition and crave-ability. Some of the most popular snacks in the world are inherently unhealthy, but oh so delicious. Plantain chips are here to turn that formula on its head. The green fruit is often used as a substitute for potatoes, so it easily becomes a healthier substitute for potato chips! Be sure to check out these tips and tricks before you start rocking plantain chips.

  • Only use ripe plantains for plantain chips. To determine ripeness, be on the lookout for large, green specimens that are free of blemishes or bruises. If your plantains look yellow or black, avoid them at all costs. 
  • Thin slices are the name of the game when it comes to plantain chips. We’d recommend using a paring knife or mandolin to get your slices as thin as possible.
  • Season your chips after frying! Adding your choice of seasoning after you toss them in the fryer with help your chips stay extra crunchy and crisp. 
    • Pro Tip: For a healthier take, try baking or frying in coconut oil. 
  • Speaking of seasoning, don’t be afraid to expand beyond salt and pepper! Plantain chips can be adapted to many different flavor profiles, ranging from sweet, salty, and spicy. To start, we’d recommend seasoning with a spicy cajun flavoring, cinnamon sugar, or Jamaican jerk rub!
  • If you’re looking to cut out potato chips entirely, plantain chips can actually be a good option. Due to their crisp, firm texture, they’re adaptable to a variety of different dipping sauces. This means that you can even tailor your seasoning to the sauce itself. For example, try pairing spicy lime plantain chips with fresh guacamole!