Pie Hole: Tips and Tricks For The Ultimate Pumpkin Pie

Not all pumpkin pies are created equal. Everyone and their mother tests out a new pumpkin pie recipe every October, but only the best chefs create pies that stick with eaters thorough the year. Prepare your oven and your stomach; we’re here to share the secrets to the ultimate pumpkin pie.

Use The Right Variety

Picking the right pumpkin for the job is essential to any good pumpkin pie. Although most people stick with some variety of sugar pumpkin, they aren’t necessarily the best option. We’re fond of the blue Jarrahdale variety because it brings a creamy, dense texture that doesn’t sacrifice sweetness. The flesh has a bright orange texture that’s aesthetically pleasing too!

The Egg Comes First

While you’re whipping up your pie crust, it’s important to give it an egg wash in order to ensure a beautiful golden hue. For the unfamiliar, an egg wash involves whisking an egg with a bit of salt and then smearing the mixture along the crust with a basting brush. Whatever you do, don’t skip this step!

Go In Blind

We’re not talking about closing your eyes while you’re making the pie. The best pumpkin pies use a technique known as blind baking, which means that you partially bake the crust before adding the filling. Interestingly enough, this technique prevents your pie crust from warping, ensuring you have a better overall texture. 

Spice Things Up

Using the right spices is just as important as selecting the proper pumpkin variety and perfecting the crust. Without the correct mixture of spices, you won’t be able to get the right “fall” flavor, so be sure to combine cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves. Along with adding them to the pie itself, consider sprinkling some on top of your whipped cream!

Lay On The Sugar

Instead of baking exclusively with white sugar, try throwing some brown sugar in the mix. Brown sugar is made with molasses, which adds a more intense flavor. Don’t go overboard and completely swap out white sugar though; a 50/50 split of the two will add a rich caramel flavor that doesn’t overpower other spices and flavors in your pie.