Pear-adise: Tips And Tricks

It’s hard not to love fresh pears. There’s a variety for every mood, and we wait with bated breath until they come into season. Different pears fulfill different cravings, but they all deserve our undivided attention, as the fall fruit has some unique qualities that can affect its flavor profile. Keep your pears at the top of their game with these tips and tricks.

  • Did you know pears actually ripen from the inside out? It’s quite possible to find a pear that looks perfect on the outside, but is overripe and mushy on the inside. Like apples, pears ripen after picked, so they’ll continuously change once they reach your kitchen.
  • When a pear is perfectly ripe, you should feel some give near the stem. Never select pears that are soft anywhere else, as this indicates overripeness.
    • Pro Tip: If you’re personally buying your pears from a farmer’s market, it actually can be beneficial to choose underripe fruit, as their hard exterior can prevent  bruising in the car.
  • Pears are high ethylene producing fruits, so be sure to store them away from ethylene sensitive produce! Storing them together will speed up the ripening process of other fruits, potentially causing them to ripen prematurely.
  • Pears actually have a longer shelf-life than you may imagine. Once ripe, they’ll last in your refrigerator for a couple weeks.