Sweet For Summer: Peach Tips and Tricks

Reaching exceptional quality during the warmer months, peaches are an unmistakable sign of summer. The dense, juicy fruit brings a saccharine sweetness to everything from cobblers to briskets, but can be tricky to prepare perfectly. Put these tips to the test next time you reach for the peach.

  • Unlike many fruits, peaches can slightly change color when ripe. A peach with minor white spots actually indicates a higher level of sweetness!
  • Removing the fuzzy peel is often easier said than done. Before baking ripe peaches, try making two small crisscrossing cuts in the fruit, and then blanch in boiling water for thirty seconds. Transfer into ice water and peel once cool. The skin should then come off with a paring knife much easier.
    • Can’t wait for the peach to ripe? Doubling the time in boiling water creates the same result for unripe peaches.
  • Have some leftover cut peaches? Dip pieces in citric juice to prevent browning. We recommend oranges for sweeter dishes and lemon or lime for savory delights.