Our Top Sprout Varieties

Sprouts aren’t limited to a single vegetable. Since there are numerous types of vegetables, legumes, and grains that all sprout, deciding which types of sprouts to use can be a tricky process. Save some time and use this guide to pick the perfect sprouts for your dish!

Alfalfa Sprouts

Alfalfa sprouts have earned their place in the pantheon of sprout varieties. Aside from being particularly popular, alfalfa sprouts are supremely versatile, bringing a mild crunch to sandwiches, salads, and more! 

  • Flavor: Mild and crunchy
  • Best For: Sandwiches and multi-purpose uses

Radish Sprouts

If you’re looking to add some serious aesthetic points to your next salad, radish sprouts have you covered. Their red-hued stems are visually striking, plus they offer great nutritional content and a spicy flavor.

  • Flavor: Spicy
  • Best For: Salads

Mung Bean Sprouts

Mung bean sprouts just may take the spot for the most mellow sprout of them all. Each bite is simultaneously nutty, mild, and crunchy, making them a great addition to tons of dishes. Personally, we like to look to Asian cuisine for inspiration; try adding mung bean sprouts to your next stir fry.

  • Flavor: Nutty and mild
  • Best For: Stir-Fries

Wheat Sprouts 

A bit of an outlier on this list, wheat sprouts are extremely sweet and juicy. This means that their flavor can permeate into the entirety of your dish. To start, we’d recommend adding wheat sprouts to fresh pressed juice to get a double dose of nutrition and flavor.

  • Flavor: Sweet
  • Best For: Fresh pressed juice

Soybean Sprouts

Soybean sprouts are proof that not all sprouts need to be served cold. This variety has a crisp, easygoing flavor that holds up really well in the cooking process. From stews to side dishes, soybean sprouts can take the heat.

  • Flavor: Approachable and crisp
  • Best For: Cooked dishes

Mustard Sprouts

Similar to radish sprouts, mustard sprouts are a spicy alternative to other types of sprouts. Flavor wise, expect a lingering bite that’s reminiscent of horseradish. While you can use mustard sports in a variety of dishes, we like pairing them with eggs to spice up our breakfast menus.

  • Flavor: Earthy and spicy
  • Best For: Breakfast dishes