Our Top Flavor Combinations for Onions

Onions are the unsung heroes of the produce world. While no one would argue that they’re the most glamorous vegetable, onions serve as the backbone for dishes in practically every cuisine around the world. Granted, even though onions have been thrown into almost every flavor combination out there, you’ll find more success if you work with some of the following pairings.

Apples and Red Onions

While this may sound a little offbeat, apples and red onions make quite the pair. Sweeter apple varieties like Honeycrisp or Braeburn compliment the mild flavor of red onions quite nicely, creating a savory finished product with a touch of underlying sweetness. Best of all, you can work with this combo in cooked or uncooked forms, making it a particularly versatile option.

Avocados and Red Onions

If you saw this combination and immediately thought of guacamole, you’ve earned a place in our hearts. When the creamy richness of avocados meets the crunchiness of red onions, they both sing. We’re obviously fans of guac around here, but for the less inclined, avocados and red onions work wonderfully in burgers or salads too.

Fresh Herbs and Yellow Onions

Speaking of versatility, the combination of fresh herbs and yellow onions seemingly knows no limits. When added to soups or meat dishes, yellow onions bring a greater depth of flavor, so the addition of fresh herbs can knock the deliciousness of your dish off the charts. Standard bearers like basil, oregano, thyme, and sage are all safe (and delicious) bets. 

  • Pro Tip: Caramelize your onions to give the herbs a chance to shine!

Pineapples and Sweet Onions

Sweet onions aren’t known as  “Maui onions” for nothing. When placed next to the ultimate icon of Hawaiian fruit, sweet onions get even sweeter; adding citrus notes that soak into the larger dish. We’d recommend seeking inspiration from the islands when creating dishes; this combo can punch up a boring old Hawaiian pizza or Hawaiian burger!

  • Pro Tip: Learn more about onion varieties here!

Carne Asada and White Onions

White onions are a common ingredient in Mexican cooking, so it should come to no surprise that they stand strong next to carne asada. What’s more shocking is their versatility; besides being a topping in tacos or burritos, white onions can be added to the marinade or salsa that accompanies the beef! Try adding grilled white onions and cilantro to carne asada tacos for an explosion of flavor!