Our Produce Picks For Fall 2019

When fall finally rears its flannel covered head, it’s the perfect time to take a cue from the changing leaves and add a pop of color to your fall menu. The season offers a cornucopia of season-specific beauties, peaking favorites, and iconic eats. Check out our top produce picks for fall 2019 to find the perfect fall fruit or vegetable for your kitchen!


Pumpkins didn’t become the most iconic fruit of fall on accident. The orange (but not always) squash is a multipurpose master; we’ve seen chefs add it to soups, pasta sauces, and even chili.

  • Peak Seasonality: September-November
  • Favorite Varieties: Cinderella, Lumina, & Autumn Gold
  • Try Cooking: Pumpkin pie


Although pears are essentially available year-round, some varieties such as Bartletts, Boscs, and Forelles reach their absolute best during the fall months. This is great news for chefs who like to experiment with different flavor profiles and textures, as each variety has something that stands out from the other. Don’t believe us? Check out this guide on our favorite varieties!

  • Peak Seasonality: September-May
  • Favorite Varieties: Bartlett, Bosc, & Forelle 
  • Try Cooking: Pear pizza

Brussels Sprouts

Shut out the voice of your inner ten year old and admit it; Brussels sprouts are actually pretty awesome. When treated properly, Brussels sprouts can add a nutty sweetness that pairs equally well with hearty fall mains or succulent salads. Whatever you do, make sure to tailor your cooking method to your final dish. 

  • Peak Seasonality: September-February 
  • Favorite Varieties: Fortress, Noisette, & Welland
  • Try Cooking: Brussels sprouts frittata


Unfortunately, too many of us have forgotten that apples actually have a peak season. While varieties like Honeycrisp and Opal taste delicious throughout the year, they truly reach another level throughout the fall. Make use of the improved quality of the fruit with holiday treats or gluten-free spins on classic dishes.


There’s a reason why wine-makers go without sleep for most of fall. The little berries reach their absolute best during the fall, offering up sweet and sour flavors that just sing on the plate. Best of all, grapes are suited to most dietary restrictions and are an absolute hit with younger eaters!

  • Peak Seasonality: May-December
  • Favorite Varieties: Concord, Flame, & Sugar Crisp
  • Try Cooking: Grape tarts & grape/arugula salad 

Butternut Squash

The season’s other favorite squash, the appropriately named butternut squash has a smooth texture and sweetly nutty flavor profile that pairs exceptionally well with common fall spices like cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg. Though this combo screams baked goods, we’d recommend trying to incorporate it in unexpected dishes like roasted butternut squash or butternut squash carbonara. 


While you can serve cranberries throughout the year they really skyrocket in popularity during the fall months. Alongside using them in holiday dishes like cranberry sauce or stuffing, try adding them to salads or baked goods!