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Our Favorite Winter Vegetables - Colorful Plates
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Our Favorite Winter Vegetables

Just because there’s no more green on the trees doesn’t mean that there shouldn’t be any green on your menus. Vegetables add nutrition, greater depths of flavor, and intriguing textures to dishes regardless of the season. However, with that being said, some vegetables excel more than others. Here are our picks for our favorite winter veggies.


Sometimes we take spinach for granted. Though it’s available year round, spinach is a true cold weather green and can permeate any portion of your winter menu. From fine-dining salads to sports bar appetizers, the nutritional value and approachable flavor profile of spinach has got your back.

  • Seasonality: Year-Round (peaks in late autumn)
  • Favorite Varieties: Savoy, Semi-Savoy, Smooth

Try Cooking: Spinach artichoke dip & winter salad


If you didn’t know better, it’d be easy to confuse this Mexican favorite for a fresh fruit. Crisp, juicy, and subtly sweet, jicama is a great option to lighten up latin-inspired dishes. It pairs great with spicy and citric flavors too, so don’t be afraid to bring the heat.

  • Seasonality: October-June
  • Favorite Varieties: Agua Dulce, Jicama de Leche
  • Try Cooking: Jicama con chile & jicama salsa


Few vegetables are as unique and sophisticated as fennel. The strong anise flavor can be a game-changer when utilized correctly, and immediately spices up plain-old dishes. Still need convincing? Let Italian cuisine prove the power of fennel.


Root vegetables shine during the colder months, and turnips are no exception. However, turnips have the added benefit of their delectable greens, which can be a game changer to waste-conscious kitchens.  Root-to-stem enthusiasts, this one’s for you.


Broccoli is so omnipresent in American menus that it’s easy to forget that they have a peak season. When winter hits, broccoli truly excels, as its inherent flavors begin to fine tune with age. Aside from being crazy versatile, broccoli can be used from root-to-stem and is adaptable to a plethora of cuisines! Your mom told you to eat broccoli for all those years, so it only makes sense that you should cook with it too.

  • Seasonality: Year-round (peaks October-April)
  • Favorite Varieties: Calabrese, Marathon
  • Try Cooking: Broccoli soup & broccoli and beef stir-fry

Collard Greens

Nothing warms the soul quite like soul food. Luckily for southern-food fans everywhere, the eternally beloved collard greens peak during the winter months. Don’t focus exclusively on standard preparations though, collards are excellent when sautéed or stuffed!

  • Seasonality: January-April
  • Favorite Varieties: Bulldog, Morris, Top Bunch
  • Try Cooking: Southern-style collard greens & stuffed collard greens

Brussels Sprouts

Chances are, if you feel an aversion to brussels sprouts, they weren’t given the care they properly deserve. Although brussels sprouts can be finicky when cooked, a perfectly prepared brussels sprout is a beautiful thing; equal parts hearty and tender with a nutty savoriness.