Our Favorite Frisée Salad Toppings

Frisée is one helluva salad green. Also known as curly endive, frisée has a crinkly texture and underlying bitterness that offers an unforgettable eating experience. Best of all, frisée pairs fantastically well with a plethora of delicious salad toppings, allowing you to let your creativity run wild! Stay fresh with these choice picks.

Poached Eggs

Although frisée is integral to the classic lyonnaise salad, the dish wouldn’t be complete with poached eggs. The trick is to use a slotted spoon when cooking but make sure not to serve your eggs overly runny; 2 minutes at a soft simmer should give you the best texture. 


Another integral piece of lyonnaise salad, bacon is one of our favorite toppings for any frisée salads. This is due to the unwavering deliciousness of bacon but also its versatility, you can add bacon alongside blue cheese, apples, and grilled chicken without breaking a sweat. 


Italian cuisine has a long running love affair with chicories, so it makes sense that frisée and burrata get along so well. The creamy cheese is a fun alternative to everyday cheeses like mozzarella or parmesan and pairs well with other toppings on this list!


Sometimes you need a second texture to stand against the frizzy bite of frisée and there are few things better than some crunchy walnuts. Thinly chop your walnuts and toss in a citrus vinaigrette for a simple and elegant treat.


When in doubt, let the seasons be your guide. Frisée reaches its peak in the summer and early fall, which lines up perfectly with melon season! Stay away from watermelon and stick with a combination of cantaloupe and honeydew; trust us, a fully ripe honeydew will blow your mind. 


Shallots rock, but we don’t have to tell you that right? The sweet allium brings some seriously complexity to the plate and shines whether served raw or cooked. Just make sure to keep some extra on hand; we foresee some serious buzz around your shallot-frisée salad.

  • Pro Tip: Cook the perfect shallots for your salad with some help from our guide!