Our Favorite Flavor Pairings For Lemons

While lemons are one of the ultimate complimentary ingredients, they still deserve their time in the spotlight. For those times when you want to have the yellow citrus fruit take the leading role, it can be a little tricky to find another ingredient that’ll return the favor. Here are our choices for possible flavor pairings that won’t outshine your favorite variety of lemon.

Herbs & Meyer Lemons

Meyer lemons have some “spiced” flavors that set them apart from other varieties of lemons, which makes them particularly good partners to fresh herbs. Specifically, herbs that have a delicate pepperiness such as basil and thyme add a delectable zest to a variety of dishes. Rosemary can be a great friend too, but be sure to only use it in small amounts; Meyer lemons can be quickly overpowered by too much rosemary. 

Cheeses and Eureka Lemons

Can cheese do any wrong? The pairing of Eureka lemons and mild cheeses is a great example of two ingredients combining to elevate each other to new heights. Light in both texture and flavor, this combo is a great way to mellow out the tartness of lemons. Be sure to only use mellow, nutty cheeses like gruyere or emmental though, as sharp cheeses can be unpalatable.


Chocolate and Lisbon Lemons

Surprisingly enough, chocolate and lemon make great partners! The citrus brings a zesty tang that brightens up the overall flavor profile of chocolate, making for a lighter  eating experience overall. To start, we’d recommend incorporating chocolate into the crust of a lemon meringue pie so that the lemon can still be the star!

  • Pro Tip: Dark chocolate tends to fare better with lemon than milk or white chocolate. 

Meyer Lemons and Tropical Fruits

Unlike other varieties, Meyer lemons can be eaten fresh without making you pucker up because they’re much sweeter than other lemons. As a result, we like incorporating fresh segments and slices into fruit salads and other summer dishes. Luckily for fruit-loving fans, Meyer lemons go well with most tropical fruits, as their general sweetness helps cut out any underlying tang. Papayas, guavas, and passion fruit are all great options, but be sure to experiment. 

  • Pro Tip: Bartenders rejoice; this combo is a match made in mixology heaven. We’d stick with rum though, as the tropical favorite has a syrupy sweetness that makes for a refreshing cocktail.