Olives: Tips and Tricks

In love with olives? Us too. From tapenade to martinis, the little mediterranean favorite has our hearts due to its diverse flavor and classy presence. Even if you don’t consider yourself an olive fan, you shouldn’t shoo the fruit away just yet; when put in capable hands, olives can be a great tool in any kitchen. Regardless of where you stand, let these tips and tricks guide you way.

  • With hundreds of different olive varieties out there, it can be hard to know which one best suits your needs. Looking for subtly? Try a Castelvetrano. Want a huge, show-stopping olive? Gordals have your back. Learn more about these and other olives here.
  • There are few things better in life than the perfect olive, cheese, and wine pairing. To start, try working with the popular combo of gouda, rose, and green olives, or explore the classic french combination of Picholine olives, brie, and chardonnay. 
  • Ever wonder what the difference was between green and black olives? Green olives are picked underripe while black olives are allowed to mature. The differences don’t stop there however! Visit “True Colors” for an in depth exploration on the two. 
  • The shelf life of olives depends on how they were brought into your kitchen. Bottled or canned olives can last for years, but fresh, loose olives only keep for about a month or two in your refrigerator. Additionally, any olives preserved in brine can last up to six months before decreasing dramatically in quality. 
    • Pro Tip: Not sure if your olives have spoiled? If they’ve changed dramatically in either color or smell, they’re past their prime.