New Year, New Menu: Quick Appetizers For N.Y.E.

It’s an absolute crime to ring in the new year with subpar appetizers. New Years Eve dinner services are the perfect place to add something exciting to your menu, but you don’t want to offer something that will bring any additional time-related stress during an already hectic evening. Impress your guests without getting burnt out with these quick and classy appetizers!

Cannellini Bean and Broccoli Rabe Toast

This inspiring twist on the traditional avocado toast formula forgoes the green fruit for cannellini beans, broccoli rabe, citrus, and other key players. Interestingly enough, avocado isn’t totally left out of the party; we use avocado oil to season our roasted broccoli rabe! Get this recipe from meal planning maestro Candice Walker here.

Roasted Lollipop Shrimp Cocktail

Boost your cocktail hour with a shrimp cocktail. We’re huge fans of this recipe from our friends at Salad Savoy because it incorporates delicious Lollipop® Kale sprouts in unique and exciting ways. To go the extra mile, make your own cocktail sauce in house by combining 1 cup ketchup, 1 tablespoon prepared horseradish (drained well), ½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce and 2 dashes of hot sauce.

Romaine Heart Poke Wrap

Poke is one of our favorite food trends of recent memory, so serving it to hip New Years Eve partygoers is a no brainer. Ensure your poke makes a splash with this healthy recipe from our friends at D’Arrigo. Whatever you do, make sure to properly select and prepare your fresh ginger beforehand!

Nachos with Watermelon Avocado Salsa

Show the fruity side of nachos with this recipe from the Watermelon Board. Even though watermelon isn’t a common nacho ingredient, this doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful; watermelon brings a juicy sweetness that’s a great compliment to diced green chilis.

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Apple Onion Bruschetta with Smoked Gouda

Want to bring on a new dish without adding new ingredients? Try this Apple Onion Bruschetta with Smoked Gouda recipe from First Fruits! This appetizer combines ingredients you’re already likely to have on hand like onions, brandy, baguettes, opal apples, and gouda cheese! We’d recommend using opal apples instead of other varieties because of opal’s floral sweetness.

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Onion Bloom Appetizer

There are few appetizers as enduring and popular as the onion bloom. The simple combination of fried onions and dipping sauces reaches great heights, but what can you do to push your appetizer into the stratosphere? Use a super colossal onion of course! This variety is 2 or more times larger than a regular onion, so you can create a decent sized appetizer with just a single onion. Click here for the recipe.