Never Slipping Up: Health Benefits of Bananas

One of the most favored fruits on earth, let alone the United States, bananas are an extremely convenient healthy snack. Delectable individually or mixed in a variety of dishes, we often forget that bananas have been a staple ingredient for centuries. While the flavor is undoubtedly a factor in its popularity, bananas are also known for their health benefits. Think of these when next time you pick up the peel.

  • Pectin, a fiber that helps give bananas their shape, has been shown to moderate spiking blood sugar levels after meals. If you’re looking to be diabetic friendly, be aware that bananas increase in sugar after ripening, and therefore ripe bananas are higher on the glycemic index.
  • Most people know that bananas are high in potassium, but the little electrolyte does more than just regulate blood pressure. Potassium is crucial to kidney health, and studies have shown that eating bananas directly correlates to a smaller risk of kidney disease.
  • A friend to anemics everywhere, bananas have a high iron content that helps anemics strengthen red blood cells. So, bananas can actually be a breath of fresh air, helping to aid shortness of breath and fatigue.