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Nectarine Nosh: 5 Mouthwatering Bites - Colorful Plates
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Nectarine Nosh: 5 Mouthwatering Bites

Nectarines are the perfect personification of summer; they’re sweet, floral, refreshing, and come and go absolutely too fast. Like their inspiration, most people tend to lean a little harder into desserts or cocktails during their peak season, but this doesn’t meant that nectarines are a savory no-show. Show the savory side of the summer fruit with these mouthwatering bites.

Arugula and Nectarine Salad

Fruits and summer salads go hand in hand, but we like to kick things up a notch by using as many seasonal ingredients as we can get our hands on. Although you may not consider arugula to be a summer green, their peak season runs from March-October, ensuring that you’ll have premium product all summer long. To keep things extra seasonal, try adding blueberries or strawberries and dress in a raspberry vinaigrette!

Nectarine BBQ Sauce

Is it even summertime if you don’t fire up the grill? Naturally, there’s a long running history on adding a bit of sweetness to bbq sauce, but we particularly love using nectarines because they bring an unexpected floral note that helps lighten up otherwise heavy dishes. Make sure to add chipotles, garlic, and brown sugar to your sauce in order to get a well rounded flavor profile, then pour it on everything you can find.

Nectarine Pizza

Although this may be a little more unexpected than other items on this list, the flavor profile of nectarine pizza is less out there than you may think. Nectarines and common pizza cheeses like parmesan, ricotta, and goat cheese are a classic combo, bringing tangy and sweet flavors to the forefront of your dish. We’d recommend forgoing a tomato sauce entirely and instead drizzling a balsamic reduction once you’re finished baking; trust us, you’ll thank us for it later. 

  • Pro Tip: Interested in unusual pizza toppings? Click here!

Nectarine Crostini

If you want to work with similar flavors from nectarine pizza but don’t want to bust out a full-blown pie, consider a nectarine crostini! These small bites and an absolutely eye-catching appetizer, plus they’re easy to create and are open to experimentation. For an interesting base, we’d recommend chopping up your nectarines into small pieces and mixing them with diced bell peppers or chilis for a fruit-forward take on salsa. Place your mix onto a freshly baked baguette slice and top with a tangy cheese like feta or ricotta. 

  • Pro Tip: If you’d rather use whole slices, consider grilling them beforehand!

Nectarine Chicken Wings

Sweet and spice=everything nice. While we’re not talking about substituting nectarines for chicken here (we’ll leave that up to cauliflower), you can still use the succulent stone fruit to great effect in a classic buffalo sauce. However, we’d recommend using peach preserves instead of fresh peaches here; the former has a greater sweetness that doesn’t get lost in the spiciness of buffalo sauce!

  • Fun Fact: Peach preserves keep longer than fresh peaches, so you can make a decent amount of sauce in advance.