A Shortcut To Mushrooms

Naturally containing the umami flavor, mushrooms are diverse, complex, and delicious. Technically neither a fruit or vegetable, mushrooms are in rare company in the culinary world. To paraphrase J.R.R. Tolkien, “take this shortcut to mushrooms.”

  • Maintaining a hearty texture with high protein levels, mushrooms are a fantastic meat alternative for the vegan customer. We’d recommend using them as a base in veggie burgers.
    • Try combining mushrooms with different textured vegetables like artichoke hearts or sun-dried tomatoes in sandwiches!
  • For a decadent, heart-healthy main course, pair white mushrooms with salmon! The umami flavor, combined with fresh herbs and salmon’s natural creaminess, creates something both approachable and sophisticated.
  • Looking to appease the gluten-sensitive customer? Portobello mushroom caps are a good alternative to the pasta in ravioli! Simply fill with your favorite cheese and toppings for a treat that anyone can enjoy.