Mouth Watering Health Benefits Of Watermelon

Drenched in more than just H2O, watermelons contain significant amounts of nutrients essential to our physical health. Both a juicy treat and a dietary staple, the fat-free, low calorie fruit is also a fantastic choice for people looking to lose weight due to its high water content. So whether you’re packing watermelon for a picnic or just trying to not pack on a few pounds, watermelon brings rewarding flavor without sacrificing nutritional content. Here are a few of the more integral health-benefits of the summer melon.

Wrestling Radicals

Free radicals, essentially rogue molecules on the loose, can do serious damage if left unchecked. By storing up antioxidants, we give our bodies a better chance at fighting against the potential illnesses free radicals can bring. Luckily, watermelon is a great source of both vitamin C and lycophene, the latter of which is only absorbed into the body through outside means.

  • Fun Fact: Lycopene levels increase during the ripening process!

Tall Glass Of Water

With a water content of 92%, eating watermelon actively hydrates you, helping to prevent summertime dehydration issues like heat stroke. Additionally, the high water content serves as a way to control portion size, as it convinces your body that you’re full. Watermelon is also a fantastic source of fiber, which improves the process.

  • Fun Fact: Water and fiber work together in many ways, even playing a role in digestive health!

Looking Good

Watermelon is an excellent source of vitamin A, which helps moisturize your hair and skin! It also encourages collagen cell production, which is a key part of healthy skin. Furthermore, the vitamin C within watermelon works in tandem with vitamin A during the growth of collagen cells, helping you look good and feel good.

Potassium Partners

Bananas aren’t the only fruit that’s rich in potassium. Watermelons contain around 140-170 mg of potassium per cup, which can help relieve sore joints or leg cramps. Maintaining healthy levels of potassium is integral to healthy nerve function, making watermelon a good substitution for bananas.