Method Madness: Cooking With Rutabaga

Rutabagas can be a powerful ally to winter menus. Not only can the root vegetable power up nutritional profiles (rutabagas only have 1/3 of the calories and carbs of potatoes), but it’s hearty, starchy texture allows it to be adaptable to a number of cooking methods. And we haven’t even mentioned the greens! Here are the best cooking methods for stews, side dishes, and everything in between.


Along with turnips, rutabagas are most often served mashed in their Scandinavian homeland and for good reason; the inherent starch of rutabagas helps them stay creamy and delectable.

  • Great For: Rotmos, low carb holiday menus
  • Pair With: Ham, carrots, butter
    • Pro Tip: Mash rutabagas and potatoes together for a greater depth of flavor.


If you first tasted rutabagas stateside, this was most likely your first experience. Unsurprisingly, this tried and true method is best suited for savory stews, but we also enjoy incorporating spicy flavors for an extra kick.

  • Great For: Hearty main courses
  • Pair With: Beef, chipotle peppers, onion


Sometimes the simplest methods are the best. Roasted rutabagas combine the crispiness of roasted potatoes with its own sweet flavor profile for a refreshing take on a classic dish. For best results, throughly scrub and peel your rutabagas beforehand, as the skin doesn’t hold up quite as well when roasted.

  • Great For: Accompanying light lunches
  • Pair With: Fish, tofu


Unique breakfasts have never been easier. Sautéed rutabagas pair wonderfully with breakfast heavyweights like bacon and eggs, plus they can fill in for skillet potatoes and hash browns with little to no recipe alteration. You’ll be wondering why you haven’t made the change.

  • Great For: A healthy breakfast
  • Pair With: Bacon, shallots, eggs


Although one of the less common methods of serving rutabaga, steaming shouldn’t be left out in the cold. Steamed rutabagas are light but filling, making them great sidekicks to a larger meal.

  • Great For: An airy side dish
  • Pair With: Citrus, ginger
    • Pro Tip: If your rutabagas seem soggy, transferring them to a covered saucepan will help absorb excess moisture.