Mellow Pomelo: Selecting and Storing

Picking the perfect pomelo doesn’t have to stress you out. Although the humungous citrus fruit can have some heavy variation between varieties, there are a few general tricks that can you keep your fruit in tip-top shape. Stay mellow with your pomelo and follow along below.

  • Pomelos are the largest of all citrus fruits, so expect to find one that’s 6 inches or more in diameter. On top of that, they should feel heavy for their size and have a crisp, sweet fragrance.
  • The most common variety of pomelo has green skin and pink flesh, but you’ll often find varieties with different rind and flesh colors. As such, the exterior color isn’t a great indicator for ripeness, so look for shiny, unblemished skin.
  • Direct sunlight can shorten your shelf-life and decrease the quality of your fruit, so always store your pomelos in a cool, dark area. They should last around a week at room temperature, but you can double their shelf life if you store them in the fridge.
  • There is an excess amount of pith in pomelos that should be removed before serving. A sharp knife will be your best bet, as pomelos are harder to peel than other citrus fruits.
  • Fully prepared pomelo should be consumed as soon as possible, as the juices dry quickly once the peel has been opened.
  • Don’t toss the rind! It can be candied, pickled, and braised.