Mash Up: 6 Different Ways To Use Mashed Potatoes

Whether you’re looking for a way to use up the innumerable Tupperware containers of leftover Thanksgiving mashed potatoes or merely want to offer a new take on everyone’s favorite spud, there are tons of different ways to use mashed potatoes. Here are six of our favorite.

Potato Donuts

Chances are, you’ve already had this dish without knowing it. Alternatively known as spudnuts, potato donuts have been a part of the American donut scene since the 1950’s. Unlike traditional donuts, potato donuts swap out the flour for mashed potatoes, which creates a lighter, fluffier finished product. After this crucial change, feel free to top your potato donut with standard donut ingredients like cinnamon sugar or chocolate frosting. 

Potato Quesadilla 

Take some inspiration from south of the border with a potato quesadilla! This dish is super easy to prepare; simply spread mashed potatoes on a single side of the tortilla and cook with your choice of cheese. If you want to get creative, consider adding fried onions, avocado, or chicken for an extra dose of flavor. 

Loaded Potato Croquette

An American spin on the French classic, loaded potato croquettes play with typical baked potato ingredients to create a compact, filling finished product. It’s important to make sure your mashed potatoes have fully cooled before creating your croquettes, otherwise they’ll be overly soft. If you really want to ensure that they stay nice and dense, consider letting them sit in the freezer for a half hour or so before frying!


While standard latkes recipes call for ground potatoes, you can substitute in mashed potatoes for a lighter take on the potato pancake. To prepare, mix your mashed potatoes with flour, eggs, and your choice of seasoning before frying them in a skillet. Make sure to top with chives for extra aesthetic points!

Potato Dumplings

This dish is so beloved by Germans that they even opened a potato dumpling museum! While potato dumplings originate in Germany, there are regional variants throughout Europe that incorporate bacon, onions, and even syrup. Regardless of your choice of filling, make sure to properly seal the dough before boiling to ensure your dumplings don’t break apart. 

  • Pro Tip: For a chunkier dumpling, try using mashed potatoes that still have a bit of skin on them. 

Mashed Potato Spring Rolls

A “fusion” in every sense of the word, this dish combines ingredients from two different cuisines to create a unique medley of textures and flavors. Surprisingly, stuffing mashed potatoes into crispy spring rolls works quite well, particularly if you lean into either side of the cuisine. For example, try adding bacon bits, cheddar cheese, and green onions for a twist on American baked potatoes!