Mango Unchained: Selecting and Storing

When mangoes go in season, it can be easy to go a little overboard. Whether you purchase too many or want to spread out your supply throughout the week, these tips can help you extend the life of the tropical fruit.

  • Don’t judge a book (or a mango) by its cover. Mangoes are unique, as the hue of their skin isn’t generally a great indicator of ripeness. Look towards texture and smell instead. A ripe mango should be soft with an obvious fruit aroma.
    • Pro Tip: While a red mango isn’t necessarily a ripe mango, always be on the lookout for concerning discoloration.
  • Weight and size are important factors when selecting mangoes. Always choose ones that have a round, plump shape and feel heavy for their size. The heavier the mango, the juicier the mango.
  • If you have an unripe mango, store it at room temperature a few days. Cool, dark places are your best bet.
    • Pro Tip: Storing your mangoes in a paper bag you can actually speed up the ripening process. If you go this route, be sure to allow room for airflow.
  • Once your mangoes are fully ripe, you’re free to transfer them to your refrigerator, where they’ll last around 5-6 days. If you decide to prep them beforehand, be sure to places cubes or slices in an airtight container.