Mama’s Boy: 6 Brunch Ideas For Mother’s Day

Even without a reason to celebrate, moms love brunch. So when mother’s day comes around and you have customers coming in and out celebrating the ladies they love, you better have something on your menu to impress. That being said, not all moms are craving the same thing. From sweet to savory, boozy to trendy, and everything in between, here are a few of our favorite dishes to impress mom.

Crêpes Suzette 

A classic french dessert, crêpes suzette was originally made with impressing a guest in mind. According to legend, a waiter in Monte Carlo first created this dish for King Edward VII of Great Britain and his guests, which included a woman named suzette, where the dish gets its name. Although this dish is technically a dessert, it’s still a great option on a brunch menu, as it’s essentially a crepe that has caramelized butter and sugar, along with citrus and a dash of orange liqueur. Crêpes suzette requires a table side flambé too, so it can be an excellent show stopping dish if you have the right equipment. 

  • Pro Tip: Try substituting tangerines or mandarins for the traditional orange juice and zest!

Spinach and Bacon Quiche

Not all Mother’s Day breakfasts have to be an onslaught of sugar. For all the savory-favoring moms out there, we’d recommend testing out a spinach and bacon quiche! The mixture of eggs, veggies, bacon, and cheese is filling but not heavy, which is the perfect recipe for brunch success. When selecting your cheese, we’d recommend using mixture of creamy and sharp cheeses like gruyere and cheddar. 

  • Pro Tip: Consider offering a gluten-free crust option for any moms with dietary restrictions.

Creme Brûlée French Toast

Creme brûlée + french toast= no brainer brunch solution. If you really want to offer a dish that hits decadence right out of the park, try baking a creme brûlée mixture onto your french toast instead of frying it. This will create a luscious, flavorful finished product that looks downright gorgeous when topped with strawberries and powdered sugar. We’d recommend soaking your bread in the egg mixture overnight to make your french toast as juicy as possible. 

Lemon Raspberry Sangria

Name one Mom who doesn’t like sangria. We’ll wait. Ever the crowd-pleaser, sangria is a welcome substitution to the mimosa, as it’s extremely flexible to different flavor profiles. We like to spotlight fruity and citrusy flavors in ours by adding fresh raspberries and lemon slices before topping with raspberry lemonade. In terms of wine, we’d recommend going with a rosé to really hit the sweetness home.

  • Pro Tip: Be sure to add vodka for an extra kick!

Lemon Ricotta Waffles

Lemon ricotta is one of our favorite breakfast time combos but surprisingly, you don’t see it pop up in waffles too often. We want to change that. The combo creates a super rich flavor and tender texture that are really easy to love. Instead of syrup, we’d recommend topping with a fruit compote to add a great depth of flavor in the dish. To start, we’d recommend trying out strawberry-rhubarb, blueberry, or blackberry compotes! 

Brie and Apple Tea Sandwiches

Is there anything more classy and dignified than a proper tea? Brie and apple tea sandwiches can make any mom in the room feel like a proper English “lady,” particularly if you pair it with fresh tea in an adorable teapot. The pairing of brie and apple is historically delicious, but if you want to add a dash of protein, we’d recommend adding ham or grilled chicken!