Lunch Break: 5 Pear Dishes To Serve Your Students

When the lunch bell rings and students storm the cafeteria, it’s good to have a dependable fruit by your side and few are as versatile as pears. The fall superstar is beloved by kids when served raw, but can also be used in a host of kid-friendly dishes. Keep your students energized and your staff relaxed with these pear dishes.

Pear Donuts

Craft an eye-popping breakfast that doesn’t sacrifice nutrition or flavor with this dish. Similar to our apple donuts recipe, we’d recommend slicing your pears into sections after coring, and then topping with yogurt and your preferred toppings.

  • Pro Tip: When selecting your toppings, be sure to offer ones that have a variety of textures to avoid an overly soft pear. You can even offer a “topping bar” where students can put their own toppings on their donuts!

Peanut Butter And Pear Sandwiches

It’s far too easy to forget the simple pleasure of fruit sandwiches. Oddly enough, this kid favorite is rarely seen on adult menus, but we implore you to try it out yourself. The tried and true combination of fruit and peanut butter works great here, particularly if you add a dash of cinnamon to your pears beforehand.

Pear Fruit Leather

Addicting snacks don’t need to be packed with unnecessary sugar. Craft your own version of the kid-favorite without giving up the drivers seat. House-made fruit leather is purposely fruit forward, so the inherent flavor of your ingredients get a chance to shine. This is also a great snack to make in large batches, as it requires a slow baking method.

Pear Muffins

Similar to other fruit forward pastries, pear muffins can be alternated in more ways than we can count. Enjoy some crunch? Add pecans. Have gluten-sensitive eaters? Substitute gluten-free flour. We love cooking pear muffins because they add a simple twist to bland menus without requiring additional knowledge or equipment. If you bake great apple muffins, you can offer a mean pear one without blinking

Pear Sauce

Unique and similar all at once, the inherent sweetness and subtle citrus notes of pears offer a comparable flavor profile to apple sauce that’s still easily altered. Therefore, fall favorite spices like cinnamon, honey, and nutmeg are more than welcome in this dish. Variety wise, we’d recommend Bartlett’s, as their juicy flesh and soft texture are perfectly suited for sauces.