Let Off Some Steam: 4 Unique Ways to Cook Broccoli

Steaming broccoli is an old standby for good reason. It’s easy to prepare and delivers a traditional broccoli texture and flavor. However, for the adventurous spirit, there are many interesting ways to cook broccoli that can take you on a new journey. Here are a few to consider.


The rapid change in heat allows the broccoli to cook but retain a unique texture. If you want to make your broccoli a little softer, increase cook time slightly before transferring into cold water. This technique works for both florets and stems, but cook them individually!

Best for: Light or vegetable-forward dishes.


Looking for some crunchiness in your broccoli? Roasting is a great way to add crisp texture and caramelization! When cooking, be sure to keep your broccoli very dry, as roasting it wet can diminish texture.

Best for: Toppings or additions to warm dishes.


If you’re hoping to have your seasoning be the star in your dish, try sautéing. The process encourages seasoning, so it works well when you want to include broccoli in mixed company. Additionally, keeping broccoli dry is key in this method.

Best for: Vegetable sautés or asian cuisine.

Slow cooking

Essentially a time-extended, low heat sauté, slow roasting can bring out a lot of the natural flavors in broccoli. Better yet, it helps you focus on other things in your kitchen.

Best for: Enjoying on its own.