Later Tater: 6 Cooking Methods For Sweet Potatoes

Once perceived as the understudy of standard potatoes, sweet potatoes have become an essential staple in many chef’s kitchens and it’s easy to see why. The orange root vegetable is insanely versatile, working wonders in any classic potato dishes as well as numerous sweet potato specific dishes. It maintains its quality in most cooking methods without drastically changing in nutritional value. Broaden your sweet potato portfolio by testing out these cooking methods.


Craft a holiday menu that will wow your guests by offering a twist on traditional sweet potatoes. This method brings a beautiful color and varied flavor profile to the plate without a lot of fuss. When seasoning, salt is key, but don’t forget to add fall spices like cinnamon or nutmeg!


Fire up the grill for a crunchier take on sweet potatoes. Starchy varieties like Ube are ideal, but be sure to wrap any potatoes in tin foil so they’ll cook evenly. We’d recommend steaming beforehand if time allows, as this will help balance moist and crispy textures. If you want to wait on grilling, your potatoes will keep in the fridge for a day or two after steaming, thereby cutting the cook time into sections.


After you’ve cooked your sweet potatoes, you can blend them into a smooth, delectable paste that works in everything from hummus to sweet potato soup! As opposed to mashing, this will create a lighter texture that won’t weigh down a broader dish. Be sure to allow your potatoes to thoroughly cool before blending to avoid ruining your produce and your equipment.


This tried and true method is a favorite with eaters of all ages. By baking, your sweet potatoes will keep their internal moisture during the cooking process. Baked sweet potatoes can be seasoned in a variety of ways, so this is a good option regardless of your desired flavor profile. If you’re leaning into savory flavors, try pairing with garlic and sweet onion.


Let’s face it, sometimes sweet potato fries outdo their famous cousins. We like fully diving into the “sweet” flavor by lightly dusting with brown sugar, but we’d never turn down savory sweet potato fries. Try keeping on a little bit of skin to add texture and maximize the nutritional content.


Morning or night, sautéed sweet potatoes hit the spot. Pan-frying walks the thin line between crispy and moist, while beautifully browning your sweet potatoes. This method pairs well with cold-weather greens like spinach and kale, so feel free to throw them in the pan too!