Kitchen KO: 4 Knockout Ways to Cook Spinach

Though we love fresh, raw spinach, we still have a soft spot for cooking the leaves. Tailoring your technique to the specific dish can greatly influence the overall product, and should be considered whenever possible. Use these methods and help spinach keep its title of heavyweight champion of the vegetable world. 


Sautéing spinach can save some serious time, and is one of the most economical methods as it doesn’t require cooking oil. This is due to the high water content in the vegetable, as it will release some of its water during the cooking process. For best results, place your spinach in a single layer on your pan and roast away.

Best For: Pastries and pasta


If you want to keep spinach’s beautiful shade of green intact, this is the method for you. Only allow the spinach to boil for a short period of time; anything more than 45 seconds will overcook it. As a general rule of thumb, spend double the time in the ice bath. We usually go with a 30 second boil and 60 second blanch. Afterwards, strain your spinach and dry as thoroughly as possible.

Best For: Spinach salads or anything that calls for tenderness

  • Pro Tip: This method can be done well in advance. Blanched spinach will last 3 or more days in the fridge.


While its one of the riskier methods for cooking spinach, roasting is a good option if you want to diminish the bitterness of the leafy green. Allow amble time to prep your spinach, as you will want it dry when you put it in the oven. We’d recommend coating it in olive oil or citrus juice and keeping a short cook time as well (roughly 5-6 minutes at 450°). Your spinach will inevitably wilt, but be sure to flip the leaves halfway through to prevent burning.

Best For: Serving alongside other roasted vegetables


Have excess water left on your spinach but don’t have the time to wait for it to dry? Try steaming! Water on the leaves isn’t a deal breaker for this method, and actually helps it cook faster. However, pay close attention when using this technique, as your spinach will likely be ready in 4 minutes or less if steamed on high heat.

Best For: Shining as a seasoned side dish