King Of The Grill: Unusual Hamburger Toppings

The world of burger toppings is like a culinary wild, wild, west. From fine dining to fast casual, chefs all around the country are constantly expanding the definition on what a burger can be. While they’ll always be room on our menus for the classics, our love affair with unusual burger toppings runs deep. Here are a few of our favorite peculiar parings.

Peanut Butter and Bananas

Make Elvis proud with this meaty twist on the king’s signature sandwich. While both ingredients may seem incompatible, they actually help create a sweet and savory dynamic that fits right at home between two buns. If you want to go the extra mile, try adding a few bacon slices for a salty spin. 


Regardless of whether you prefer mango slices or mango salsa, there’s a place for this little tropical fruit on your next southwestern inspired burger. The overall sweetness of your mangoes is a great partner to spicy southwestern flavors, so don’t be afraid to get a little heavy handed with Tapatio or jalapeños.

  • Pro Tip: You can never go wrong with some fresh avocado slices!

Top Ramen

Relive your college glory days with ramen noodles, sans cup. Top ramen burgers have been popping up more frequently and for good reason; substituting ramen buns for regular buns creates a salty, evenly seasoned spin on a traditional burger that has some serious wow factor. In terms of additional toppings, we’d stick with safe bets like lettuce or onion as to not overdo it. 

  • Pro Tip: Don’t forget to serve with a side of sriracha!  

Mac & Cheese

Two comfort foods combined, what could go wrong? Mac and cheese burgers are the epitome of indulgence; exceptionally cheesy, meaty, and filling all at once. Stay away from the preprepared stuff though; fresh cheeses are key to the success of any mac & cheese. 

Fried Egg and Bacon

We’re firm believers that eggs and bacon are the perfect pair in any scenario. Need some evidence? Let us present this burger as exhibit A. Gooey, crispy, salty, and savory, fried egg and bacon burgers are truly what daydreams are made of. Wakey, wakey indeed.

Grilled Corn and Guacamole

Take a tip from classic Mexican street corn by topping your next burger with grilled corn, cayenne pepper, and guacamole! There’s a long running success rate of using Mexican ingredients in burgers, but interestingly enough, grilled corn is used less often than you may think! Fire up the grill and show your customers what they’re missing out on.