Just Peachy: Inventive Ways To Cook With Peaches

A summer champion, peaches are especially refreshing due to their juicy, sweet flesh and pleasant floral aroma. Peaches work well with others, cutting down especially spicy or savory flavors by adding an approachable sweetness. Peaking from June to August, peaches deserve a spot on every summer menu. Dish out some distinctive meals with these noteworthy tips.

Sweet Sippin’

Who doesn’t love a summer sangria? Peaches pair particularly well with strawberries and mangoes, but really shines when exposed to a variety of flavors. Try using a dry white wine in your sangria mix for a fruit-forward profile.

Grill Master

Step aside veggies. For a quick, interesting treat, try making grilled peaches! This method brings a slightly smoky flavor, and helps refine the natural sugars through caramelization.  Simply coat in oil and grill until golden brown. Then sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top and you’ll have a healthier desert-alternative. When grilling, be sure to place the peaches skin-up!

Spice It Up

Peaches and spicy food love to play nice. The little stone fruit is a fantastic addition to salsas and habanero sauce, but really excels when used for spicy glazes! Jalapeños should be your go to pepper when working with peaches. We’d recommend using the glaze for grilled chicken breasts, but feel free to experiment with your favorite cooking method.

Bacon Me Crazy

Is it just us or does bacon make everything better? Bacon wrapped peaches are a great savory-sweet appetizer and are easily prepared in a skillet. If you want to minimize prep time, try substituting a cured meat and serving cold.

Not Guilty

Pizza could arguably be considered America’s #1 comfort food. For a guilty pleasure without the guilt, try working with the spicy and sweet combination of peaches and peppers by using them as pizza toppings. If you combine this with gluten-free crust or vegan cheese, you’l have a dish that is appealing to any customer that walks through your door.