Just Beet It: Tips And Tricks

This little root vegetable is packed with flavor and nutrients. Used in cuisines worldwide, the earthy flavor of beets pair wonderfully with sweet or bright flavors. Best during the last six months of the year, beets are a great fall menu item! Stick to the beet with these helpful tips.

  • When choosing beets, look for ones that are firm and round. “Red” beets should have a deep red, almost purple color with bright green leaves! True to its name, a “Golden” beet should have a bright yellow color.
    • If you’re looking for a sweeter, mellower flavor, consider using golden beets. Their bright color can kick your presentation up a notch too!
  • Don’t toss those leaves just yet! Beet leaves are actually edible, and offer a flavor similar to kale when cooked. When preparing, focus on quick cook times, as overcooking beet leaves can make them taste bitter.
  • Though you can prepare beets in a variety of ways, baking usually brings the best combination of flavor and texture. However, if you want to experiment, beets are great boiled, sautéed, and roasted!