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In A Pickle: 5 Unusual Pickle Picks - Colorful Plates
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In A Pickle: 5 Unusual Pickle Picks

We love pickles, but admittedly, they are a bit weird. Thick, stout cucumbers silently floating in a mixture of vinegar, water, salt, and herbs, their existence would be a mystery if they weren’t so downright delicious. Perhaps even stranger is the fact that they’re almost exclusively reserved for burgers or sandwiches. With a little creativity and a decent amount of boldness, dill pickles can be used in a host of deliciously unexpected dishes. Get yourself in a pickle (in a good way) with these choice favorites.

Bloody Mary with Pickles

The queen of over the top cocktails, the bloody mary is the perfect home for a hefty dill pickle. Incorporating one into a recipe couldn’t be easier; simply spear a whole pickle or gerkhin and add it to your standard bloody mary recipe. If you’re looking to take it even further, try garnishing with olives, celery, or even a slice of fried bacon!

  • Pro Tip: Looking for some extra dill pickle flavor? Add some of the juice to the cocktail itself!

Pickle Pizza

We assure you, this dish isn’t a crime against nature. Adding sliced pickles to the top of your pizza may sound a little out-there, but the flavor profile is surprisingly familiar; the salty briney bite of the pickles help impact a tangy cheese flavor throughout the entirety of the pizza. Importantly, we’d recommend staying away from a marinara based sauce here; a white garlic sauce is much more palatable.

Pickle Pasta Salad

We enjoy this intriguing adaptation for its strong culinary possibility. Beyond necessary ingredients like pasta, sour cream, and the pickle itself, you can add a ton of different cheeses, veggies, and seasoning to create completely different flavor profiles. To start, we’d recommend topping with gerkhins, a sharp cheese, and minced dill herb. 

Dill Pickle Marinade

Often overlooked, pickling juice can bring some serious flavor to different dishes. Even better, it can go places that whole pickles can’t, like a marinade! The naturally salty quality of pickling juice makes it an excellent tenderizing agent, as it helps break down tough fibers in the meat. Though a pickle-juice marinade will leave a light tang in the finished product, the real success lies in how it affects the meat; expect to have a particularly tender and juicy cut once you’re done.

  • Pro Tip: Use light meats like chicken breasts or chicken thighs for best results.

Ham and Cheese Croissants with Pickles

Veering towards the trendy side of unusual, adding pickles to a freshly baked ham and cheese croissant can be a hipster match made in third wave coffee shop heaven. Instead of adding pickles into the croissant itself however, we like spearing the croissant with a gerkhin on a toothpick, creating an aesthetically-pleasing nod to the classic deli sandwich.