How To Shuck Corn Like A Pro

Shucking an ear of corn may not be the most difficult task out there, but if you don’t do it with a firm hand, things can get messy really quickly. Worst of all, removing any leftover threads can take time out of your service, preventing you from devoting your full attention to other dishes running out of the line. Don’t be a schmuck and implement these tips to help you shuck corn like a pro.

  • Before you start shucking, it’s important to make sure that your corn is super fresh. The more the corn ages, the starchier it gets, making it less sweet and harder to shuck. Be on the lookout for corn that feels firm and heavy and is free of any blemishes or bruises.
  • Make sure your corn still has its silky tassel attached before attempting to shuck it. Without it, you’re in for a much longer (and messier) job. 
  • Once you’ve chosen a good specimen, it’s time to get the ball rolling! First, pull all of the outer leaves until you’re only left with the final inner layer. From there, slowly peel pack the husk an inch or so until you can see a few kernels.
  • Next, grab the tassel and husk together and firmly pull down along the entirety of the cob. You should be able to invert the leaves entirely without leaving much lingering silk.
  • Finally, snap off any leaves at the bottom of your corn and voila! After a quick once-over, your corn should be ready to go. 
    • Pro Tip: If you’re boiling your corn, there’s an even simpler way to remove the husk. Simply boil your corn with the husk on and then shuck it afterwards. Boiling softens the husk, making it easier to remove. On top of that, your corn will already be cooked, saving you even more time!