How To Make A Better Watercress Salad

Watercress is one of our favorite salad greens, but it isn’t nearly as popular as spinach, arugula, or kale. Let’s change that! The light veggie is peppery yet faintly bitter, but has a cooling undercurrent that makes it equal parts refreshing and complex. Learn how to make a salad for the ages with these tips and tricks.

Stick With Chicories

Although watercress can be served on its own, we’ve found great success by throwing some chicories into the mix. For best results, work with crispy, seasonal chicories like radicchio and Belgian endive. Chicories are renown for their bitterness, so consider cooking them beforehand if you want a less bitter salad.

Pair Properly

It’s all in the toppings. Picking the right partners is absolutely essential to the success of your salad, so it’s important to work with ones that spotlight your watercress; search for something that compliments peppery flavors. When in doubt, stick with anything that you would put in an arugula salad.

Visit The Vinaigrette

A house-made vinaigrette can boost the natural flavors of your vinaigrette without taking away from the light texture that makes it such a memorable green. Better yet, the customization options of vinaigrettes are endless. Citrus, berries, sesame, and more can all be added to tailor your dressing to other ingredients in your salad. If that wasn’t enough to convince you, vinaigrettes are healthier than most other dressings too!

Look To The East

Watercress is found throughout Asia, so it naturally pairs well with ingredients found throughout the East. Common Asian ingredients like sesame, fresh fish, soybean sprouts, and even soy sauce work great in arugula salads. For a simple start, take inspiration from above and make an Asian-inspired vinaigrette.