How to Ace Your Menu Without Pulling an All Nighter

If your students are constantly working on gaining knowledge and improving themselves, shouldn’t your menu follow suit? By adapting to student tastes, offering options that cater to dietary restrictions, and adopting some tried and true practices, you can ace your menu without having to pull an all nighter.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Trends 

While we wouldn’t recommend diving head first into every trend that hits the market, it doesn’t hurt to utilize trendy ingredients. For example, you can easily take advantage of cauliflower’s burgeoning popularity by using it as a chicken wing substitute, pizza crust, or fried rice! This will keep your menu current while simultaneously allowing you to experiment with new recipes and flavor profiles. 

Cater to Different Dietary Restrictions

With such a wide array of options available to the everyday college kid, students are becoming much more discerning on what types of food they’ll eat; look towards the rising vegan/gluten free communities and we guarantee you’ll see a ton of people under thirty. Instead of simply ignoring these eaters or offering a ho-hum “vegan” dish, try making clever substitutions into your favorite dishes. With a little planning, you can make gluten-free and vegan dishes that put traditional ones to shame.

Balance Value and Versatility

Choosing produce with the right balance of value and versatility can be an absolute game changer to your overall budget. In general, stick with fruits or veggies that are suitable to different cooking methods or can be used as both a complimentary or starring ingredient. Check out our guide on the most versatile inexpensive produce for recipe ideas, variety info, and cooking tips. 

Cook Root To Stem

We love seeing root-to-stem cooking practices on college campuses because it limits waste and makes the most out of your budget all while appealing to socially conscious students! For those not in the know, root to stem cooking is when you use every part of your fruit or veggie. Long running favorites like oranges, carrots, broccoli, and even turnips can create some seriously delicious dishes using the root to stem technique!

Keep Some Classics On Hand

Innovation is fantastic, but it’s still good to bring some bona fide classics into your rotation. To start, we’d recommend adding this avocado brunch toast recipe from Mission Avocados; it’s hearty, it’s delicious, and it’s 100% Gen Z approved. If you’ve already got a killer avocado toast recipe on the menu, consider using some of our other favorite dishes for college students.