How Do You (Fon)due? 5 Combinations That Will Make You Melt

Fondue is one of the all time classic dinner party appetizers. Many a black tie event or classy celebration has starred the fabulous fondue pot, and we don’t foresee people denying dipping things into melted cheese or chocolate anytime soon. A properly executed fondue pot can be a great weapon for those in the hospitality sphere, simultaneously adding style points to an event while encouraging a communal eating experience. Start your dinner off right by adding these classy combinations to the pot.

Gruyere and Tomatoes

While tomato fondue on its own still deserves some hype, we like combining it with a creamy, sweet gruyere to create a unique, distinctive finished product. Naturally, gruyere is a champ when it comes to cooking, so the cheese holds up really well in the pot. Along with serving as an appetizer, tomato fondue is a great topping on other dishes like grilled fish or crostinis!

  • Pro Tip:  Want to lean ever further into the tomato side of things? Try serving alongside a tomato focaccia!

Strawberries and Chocolate

Sure, this combination may seem like a no-brainer, but the truth is, dipping strawberries in chocolate is something humanity is going to enjoy until the end of time. To mix things up a bit, we’d recommend using a mixture of dark and semisweet chocolates for a rich, rewarding flavor profile. 

Vacherin and Potatoes

Though less popular stateside than other Swiss cheeses, vacherin cheeses are heavy hitters in their native country. Flavor wise, vacherin cheeses are rich and luxurious, offering a gentle acidity not unlike Italian Fontina cheeses. Interestingly enough, the traditional vacherin fribourgeois fondue uses potatoes instead of bread for a creamier, heavy texture. This combo allows the stronger flavors of vacherin to shine because the mildness of potatoes stops the spud from taking a front seat. 

Bananas and White Chocolate 

For a unique take on a sweet fondue, try combining white chocolate and bananas! White chocolate is usually sweetened with vanilla, which pairs well with the distinctive tropical flavor of bananas. This simple foundation allows for a good number of fondue variants too; we like taking a page from the classic bananas foster dessert by adding cinnamon and a dash of rum into our fondue pots!

Pepper Jack and Jalapeños

If you’re aiming for a spicy, rich fondue, this is the combination for you. Pepper jack cheese is already chock full of different kinds of peppers, so its flavor profile easily pairs with the dependable jalapeño. This combination is a welcome reprieve from traditional fondues, offering a southwestern inspired flavor profile that immediately stands out from creamy or sweet fondues. While you can easily dip jalapeños into the cheese, we prefer dicing up our jalapeños and adding them to the fondue itself! It’s important to note that the level of heat varies between jalapeño to jalapeño, so use this guide to help gauge the intensity of your pepper.