Honeydew’s And Honeydont’s: A Guide

A fall melon, honeydews are a great low-cost melon to include on your menu once the summer months start to ween down. Employ this helpful guide for some recommendations on how to serve and prepare honeydew, along with a few refreshing ideas on how to use it!

Keep An Eye Out

When it comes to selecting honeydew, there are always a few good rules of thumb. A lack of defects is particularly important. Be sure to select ones without any cracks or soft spots. Additionally, Honeydew should have a dull-colored rind, but should still be hefty for its size. The heaviness is due to a high water content within the melon. Therefore, a light melon is a dehydrated melon!

A Second Opinion

Want to determine if your melon is really fresh? First find the round hole indicating where the vine was attached, and then apply slight pressure. There should be a light give along with a fragrant aroma! If your melon doesn’t smell fresh, it most likely isn’t.

Just Hang Out

In terms of storage, fresh honeydew is best kept in a cool, dry area. Room temperature is best before cutting. Once you cut into honeydew, be sure to store unused pieces in an airtight container in the fridge. If stored correctly, the pieces should last around 2 weeks.

Make The Most Out’ve It

Once your melon is fully ripe, you can cut it similarly to how you would prepare cantaloupe. For those looking for a refresher, this involves slicing the melon in half, scooping out the seeds (either with a spoon or by hand), slicing into wedges and then peeling!

  • Pro Tip: If you keep a small amount of rind on the honeydew after peeling, you will be able to get a better grip on the melon if you decide to cut it into smaller pieces!

Use Your Melon

Unfortunately, Honeydew is occasionally looked down upon because it is served without the proper care. An unripe honeydew is very different in taste than one that is fully ripe. The best honeydew has a light, sweet taste and manageable sugar content, and is truly a treat when prepared correctly. Get creative and try using honeydew in a refreshing salad or puréeing into an ice cream or gazpacho base!