Holiday Heroes: Cranberry Tips And Tricks

To some, fresh cranberries go hand-in-hand with the holidays. Sweet, but with a slightly tart bite, cranberries are actually a great source of fiber and antioxidants. At their peak during the fall and winter months, cranberry dishes are a great way to spice up seasonal menus. Give the gift of cranberries with these tips!

  • When cooking cranberries, be careful not to overcook them. Once they begin to pop, they are fully cooked! If you continue for too long after this happens, they will lose their texture and get bitter.
  • If you want to use cranberries past the fall, they’ll actually keep in the freezer for about a year. Fresh is always best, but in most dishes you can substitute frozen cranberries. Additionally, they don’t require defrosting!
  • While most commonly used as an ingredient in sweet dishes,  the tart aspect of cranberries is actually a great complimentary flavor to savory dishes. Try adding some to a slow cooked meat dish!
  • Have an inkling that your cranberries may no longer be fresh? Try bouncing a few berries down a set of stairs. Seriously! If your cranberries are ripe, they’ll bounce. This is due to small pockets of air within the berry, and it’s the same reason they float!