Health Benefits of Sprouts

Finding some sprouts at the top of your favorite veggie doesn’t have to stress you out. Aside from being delightfully tasty, sprouts have a nutritional profile that would make a dietician blush; depending on the variety, you can get fantastic doses of Vitamin C, protein, and more. Discover how these nourishing wonders can pump up your health game below!

An Important Note

Since “sprouts” is a broad term for the sprouting portion of a variety of vegetables, the nutritional content can change from variety to variety. This isn’t to say that one type of sprout is better than the others, merely that each one has their own star quality. 

Spilling The Beans

If you’re cooking with vegans in mind, bean sprouts are the way to go. Interestingly enough, beans get a big nutritional bump when the sprouting process begins; bean sprouts contain higher amounts of protein, vitamin C, and folate than the beans themselves. To get the most out of bean sprouts, try adding them to a vegan stir-fry!

Seoul Soy

Sprouts are often used to top sandwiches or salads, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make use of their nutritional content in cooked dishes! Soybean sprouts are added to all sorts of Asian stir frys and are a particular hit in Korean cuisine, where they have been cultivated for their nutritional content for thousands of years. Whether you’re adding them to a bibimbap bowl or creating a side-dish, you can use soybean sprouts to provide essential minerals like phosphorus, potassium and copper.

Radical Radishes

Aside from being spicy and colorful, radish sprouts are packed to the brim with vitamins A and C. Believe it or not, 200 grams of radish sprouts have almost the same amount of vitamin C as a small orange! When you add decent amounts of folate and manganese and a low calorie count, radish sprouts become a fantastic weight-loss option!

  • Fun Fact: Radish sprouts are high in cancer fighting glucosinolates!

Awesome Alfalfa

Alfalfa isn’t just for the farm. While the plant itself is often used for livestock, alfalfa sprouts have some awesome culinary applications. On top of that, alfalfa sprouts are rich in calcium, which promotes bone health and fights diabetes! To provide this nutritional punch, we’d recommend adding alfalfa sprouts to summer sandwiches.