Health Benefits of Cabbage

Let’s get this out’ve the way. Even though cabbage grows in a head shape, it’s not a member of the lettuce family. Actually, cabbage is botanically part of a group known as brassica oleracea, which count famous superfoods like kale, cauliflower, and broccoli among their members. Despite its strong pedigree, cabbage has a hefty nutritional profile that too often gets overlooked. Check out the healthy calling cards of cabbage below!

  • Like most leafy greens, cabbage is very low in calories, fat, and carbohydrates. Don’t think of cabbage as empty-headed however; each serving has significant amounts of vitamin K and C.
  • Cabbage is much more than a simple source of vitamins. Be on the lookout for folate and manganese in the bowl. Additionally, it’s a low-key antioxidant king! The common green-headed variety has almost 20 different flavonoids!
  • Did you know that cabbage can actually help lower your customer’s cholesterol? Almost half of the fiber within cabbage is soluble fiber, which can stop unhealthy cholesterol from being absorbed into the bloodstream. 
    • Pro Tip: To really fight cholesterol, consider making kimchi with your cabbage! The fermentation process creates bioactive chemicals that help the fight against bad cholesterol. 
  • When you cook with cabbage, both your wallet and customers will thank you. Cabbage is one of the cheapest vegetables (and is oftentimes the cheapest “green” veggie), so you can get a blast of nutrition at a low cost!