Hass To Have It: A Guide To Avocado Ripeness

Fresh produce is paramount to many dishes, but finding the perfect time to use it can be tricky. Typically, color is not always a perfect measurement of ripeness. While a light green color generally means an unripe avocado, uniform softness is a better indicator. Let’s explore the ripeness stages of Hass Avocados and determine how they correlate to different dishes.

Stage One–Hard

Fresh off the tree, the avocado is very hard but with no give. It needs five or more days stored at room temperature until it is ripe.

Stage Two–Pre-Conditioned

Medium green in color, the avocado has begun ripening, but it is still very firm. Here, it’s usually a four to five-day wait to ripeness.

Stage Three–Breaking

Closer to ripeness, the avocado is still firm but just starts yielding to pressure. Another two days in storage should bring it to…

Stage Four–Semi Ripe

Finally, the avocado reaches a stage of ripeness characterized by a slight yield to gentle pressure and a darker, deeper green. While not suited to all dishes, the fruit is best served in slices or cubes at this point. They work great in dishes such as…

Stage Five–Ripe

Fully ripe, the avocado should easily yield to gentle pressure. It’s perfect for mashing or Guacamole, so bust out a dish that will have your patrons swooning. Look to these for inspiration.

Avocado Brunch Toast

Avocado Cobb Salad