Handle with Care

Show your kitchen’s avocados some love. Be sure to keep them in premium condition with these helpful tips.

Bring Inside On Arrival

Nothing ruins the quality of an avocado more than heat. Whether receiving a shipment or sourcing from a local farmers market, try to avoid prolonged contact with direct sunlight.

Sort And Store

Sorting by ripeness is a key first step to proper storage. Visit this guide for an in-depth discussion on avocado ripeness.

After sorting, store ripe avocados at 38-42° to slow ripening and avoid damage. Not ripe yet? Let them sit at room temperature and age accordingly, but position those closer to ripeness on top.

Be Mindful Of Neighbors

When sorting, use caution and don’t store near tropical fruit or any ethylene-sensitive produce such as bananas or mangoes. Ethylene exposure is a key factor in promoting ripening, as the gas encourages enzymes within the fruit to begin ripening. Other tropical fruits use up this gas, so be sure to keep them separated!