A Delightful Bunch: Grape Tips and Tricks

Any wine-lover worth their salt can tell you that fall is the best time for grapes. Though at their peak in September, red, green, or black grapes should get your full attention year round. Use these tips to always keep the taste of a fresh harvest.

  • Upon receiving grapes, immediately refrigerate them. When grapes reach room temperature, bacteria is much more likely to grow inside!
  • Don’t bother with a rinse until just before use, as prolonged contact with moisture cuts down on the shelf life!
  • When storing, be sure to keep grapes away from strong smelling produce. The porous berries tend to absorb the odors.
  • In comparison to other berries, grapes are a little more durable, and last longer. You typically can keep unused grapes 1-2 weeks if stored correctly.