Golden Child: Comparing Gold and Green Kiwi

Have you heard the beckoning call of golden kiwi? Its alluring color and fragrant aroma certainly makes it stand out from traditional green kiwi, but what is truly different about the two? Follow along as we take a deep dive on the two varieties to figure out which kiwi is right for your kitchen.

A Note On Varieties: While there are numerous varieties of green kiwi, for the sake of clarity, we shall be referring to the most popular green variety, Hayward, in this discussion.


Beyond the obvious color difference in flesh, both varieties have subtle variances in appearance. For example, golden kiwis have minimal fuzz on their skin and fewer seeds when compared to green kiwis. In terms of presentation, you can’t go wrong with serving either!


One of the biggest factors when comparing green and gold kiwi is the opposing seasonality. Though cultivated year round, green kiwis typically reach their zenith during the colder months, whereas golden kiwis are often exclusively available during the summer. Therefore, if you’re looking for a winter kiwi dish, green kiwis will be your best bet.


When biting into a golden kiwi, you’ll immediately notice its substantially softer texture. While this can be a godsend if you plan on using your kiwi in a fruit salad or puree, it can feel overripe to unfamiliar customers if served as is. Being aware of your kiwi’s ripeness is key when dealing with golden kiwi, so look for fruit that gives to slight pressure.


Golden kiwi is irrefutably sweeter than its green cousin, but doesn’t sacrifice the unique, tangy flavor of green kiwi. If you’re looking to amp up your dessert menu, golden kiwi is the way to go, but you may be better off using green kiwi for a marinade or other savory dishes.


Both varieties have a comparable nutritional profile, although golden kiwi has a slight leg up on the competition. It’s a better source of vitamin C and folate, while still being relatively low in natural sugars despite its sweetness. However, it’s important to note that green kiwis are a better source of dietary fiber. No matter your preference, you can rest easy knowing that kiwi is rich in nutrients regardless of variety.