Going Bananas: 4 Interesting Ways To Cook From Peel And Beyond

Too often do we take nature’s golden fruit for granted. With bananas, it’s hard to move past simply serving the fruit outright. Although bananas are one of the most cost-effective fruits around, that doesn’t mean they have cheap culinary value. Here are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve to help craft creative, budget-conscious dishes.

Brunch Of Bananas

For a sweet, unique take on a brunch classic, consider making banana toast! Essentially a reworking of avocado toast, banana toast can be paired with a variety of toppings, but generally works best with sweeter ingredients and a mixture of textures. We’d recommend mashing the bananas with honey before spreading onto the toast.

The Golden Hour

When the weather calls for a day by the grill (or your stomach calls for something delicious), consider baked bananas! They have a smooth, light texture and a flavor that shines when cooked with milk chocolate pieces. Easy to prepare, you can use either a traditional oven or grill for this tasty treat.

Appealing Peals

One of the most common pieces of food waste, the banana peel, can actually be used in a variety of dishes. By using the peels, you’re both limiting food waste and maximizing the output of your fruit! Actually a staple in the Caribbean and southeastern Asia, banana peels are packed with vitamin A. When cooking, try mixing in the peels with a smoothie, roasting the peels into a curry, or using them as a base for a chutney!

Crunch Bunch

A beautiful presentation can immediately draw someone into a restaurant in today’s social media-saturated landscape. For a dish that hits the sweet spot of being easy to prepare, full of flavor, and colorful in presentation, try making frozen banana cereal pops! Simply dunk bananas in yogurt, cover with a fruity or chocolatey cereal, and freeze overnight. If you want to bring an extra pop of color, try experimenting with more vibrant cereals!