Freshen Up: 5 Dishes That Call For Fresh Seaweed

Nutritious, colorful, and all-around tasty, fresh seaweed hold an integral place in many Asian cuisines. You can easily spot seaweed dishes in Korea, Japan, China and southeastern Asia from dawn to dusk. The versatility of seaweed offers a chance for chefs to venture into exciting directions like in the following dishes.

Hijiki Salad

Utilizing the salty black hijiki variety, this dish turns a traditional seaweed salad on its head. Hijiki has a stronger flavor than other types of seaweed, so you can use sweeter ingredients without losing the powerful flavor. We’d recommend playing with a variety of textures by incorporating edamame, carrots, and even fried tofu!

Wakame Seaweed Salad

On the flip side, if traditional seaweed salads are your jam, there are few better options than a wakame-forward seaweed salad. The approachability of wakame means that it can be tailored to a ton of different flavor profiles but naturally, classic Japanese ingredients like sesame seeds, daikon radishes and freshly grated ginger work well.

Wakame Miso Soup

Further proving the versatility of wakame, this soup is an all-star of Japanese cuisine. Wakame and miso are both excellent sources of glutamates, which enrich other ingredients in the soup. This means that you don’t need much to make this soup rich and flavorful; some even chefs even call if quits after adding tofu and scallions! Wakame miso soup is nutritious too, as the dark green seaweed helps burn fat.

Seaweed Poke Bowls

Poke is one of the most colorful, health-conscious dishes out there and fresh seaweed takes that reputation even further. The chewy, tender texture of seaweed fits right in with standard ingredients like rice, tuna, and avocados, plus it helps enrich the flavor of the overall bowl! Hawaiian food doesn’t get much better.

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Literally meaning “mixed rice” in its native Korean, bibimbap bowls are a delicious amalgamation of egg, sliced beef, peppers, and sautéed vegetables. When placed next to other colorful ingredients like pickled radish and julienned carrots, seaweed can give you some serious aesthetic points. Best of all, this dish is easy to prepare and can be tailored to breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.