For Whom The Bell (Pepper) Tolls: Tips And Tricks

Feeling called by the classic flavor of bell pepper? Even though they come in a myriad of colors, they all differ in flavor and nutritional content. So whether you’re serving them stuffed, grilled, or raw, pair the perfect pepper to a southwestern inspired treat of the highest quality.

  • Did you know that colored bell peppers come from the same plant? Generally falling on a scale of green to red hues, this is often an indicator of maturation. Green peppers are the youngest, and the darker, red pepper is at peak maturation.
  • Since color indicates age, be sure to use orange and red bell peppers first, as they have a shorter lifespan than green peppers.
  • As bell peppers mature, the sugar content grows, causing the pepper to become sweeter, while still maintaining a crunchy texture. Therefore, green peppers typically have a strong, sharp taste, making them ideal for cooked dishes. If you plan on serving the pepper stuffed or raw, look towards more colorful varieties.
  • While less common, chocolate-hued bell peppers ripen from green peppers. Though green on the inside, they are much sweeter than the traditional green pepper, making them versatile for many different cooking methods.