Fig Friends: The Best Ingredients To Pair With Figs

Don’t get us wrong, we love biting straight into a fresh fig. Their honeyed sweetness and juicy tenderness is immediately rewarding, but figs can reach even greater heights when a few friends are thrown in the mix. Better yet, figs are surprisingly easy to work with and promote sweet, salty, and savory flavors with ease. Regardless of the route you decide to take, let these pairings guide your way.


The classic combination of figs and cheese is one of our all time favorite ways to work with the mediterranean fruit. Sharp, tangy cheeses like blue cheese and gorgonzola should be your first pick, as they tend to meld together into a greater flavor experience. However, more approachable cheeses like cheddar and goat cheese are still great options. 

Cured Meat

If you feel like having your mind blown, try some prosciutto wrapped figs. The saltiness of cured meats like prosciutto and salami is a perfect counterpart to the honeyed sweetness of fresh figs, but it’s generally best to apply some heat to both when serving. To start, we’d recommend baking some prosciutto or bacon-wrapped figs for an elegant side dish.

Fresh Herbs

Obviously, this mediterranean fruit loves mediterranean herbs. Rosemary and thyme are the true heavyweights here, as both bring sharp flavors and fresh, aromas that aren’t found in figs. Interestingly enough, rosemary and thyme can be combined with many other ingredients on this list, so don’t be afraid to utilize a wide array of pairings with your figs.


The bitterness of dark chocolate helps this pairing from being overly sweet and guides it to a rich, indulgent middle ground. Simply dipping your figs in melted dark chocolate is a fantastic option, but if you want to take things even further, try combining figs and chocolate in your next ice cream or cake.

Red Onion

Fresh figs and caramelized red onions are a match made in heaven. Not only are they simple to prepare, but the two reach a strong depth of flavor that’s suitable for everything from savory pastries to sophisticated bruschetta and crostini. The combo can be further enhanced by incorporating meat and cheese too!

  • Pro Tip: Take some inspiration from French cuisine and use both in a marmalade!

Cold Weather Greens 

Though their peak seasons may not have a ton of overlap, figs and cold weather greens like arugula and kale are great at complimenting each other. The combination works particularly well in winter salads, where the sweetness of fresh figs helps undercut the peppery qualities of both greens. If you decide stick with kale, use the curly variety; it’s best suited for salads.