Fig Deal: Tips and Tricks

Figs are one of nature’s best late summer gifts. However, their short peak season (lasting from August to October) means that fresh figs can come and go in an instant. Make the most out of your summer fling with figs by following these friendly tips and tricks.

  • Did you know? Figs are actually inverted flowers, meaning that they bloom inside of the pod itself. Eventually, the flower matures and turns into the fruit we consider to be a fig!  
  • When selecting figs, seek out ones that give to slight pressure and try to avoid any overly hard or mushy fruit. However, if you have a hard, underripe fig, store it on the counter to speed up the ripening process. 
  • Fresh figs are extremely perishable, usually only lasting 3 days or less, so it’s important to only purchase figs unless you plan on immediately using them.  Once they’ve made it into your kitchen, store ripe figs in your refrigerator to maximize their shelf life. Additionally, figs are very susceptible to damage, so avoid stacking them on top of each other when storing and take caution when handling them. 
  • If you want to utilize fresh figs but they’re not in season, rehydrating dried figs can be a good option. To do this, simply let them soak in boiling water for a few hours until they get nice and plump. 
  • Due to their supreme sweetness and delicate texture, figs are often utilized in sweet dishes, but that doesn’t mean figs are one trick ponies. Chefs looking to explore the savory side of figs should try pairing figs with Italian ingredients like salami, gorgonzola, and arugula.
    • Pro Tip: Figs hold up well when baked, so try adding them to a pizza or a house made bread.