Endless Summer: Storing Raspberries

Summer berries can be a fickle bunch. The very things we praise them for, like their soft skin and smooth fruit, make them much more susceptible to damage than other heartier fruits. Raspberries are no exception; and typically have a shorter shelf life when compared to other berries. However, this delicate fruit more than earns its place at the table due to its subtle sweetness and light floral notes. Make sure your raspberries are in the best hands with these techniques.

Wait To Wash

Unlike more hefty berries like strawberries or blackberries, raspberries cannot withstand a wash before storage. They easily retain liquid, so if you wash your berries early, they are more likely to mold. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash them altogether though. Rinse immediately (but do not submerge) before serving for the best results.

Don’t Rush

It may be tempting to start cooking with your raspberries immediately, but it’s generally more beneficial to wait. Prolonged exposure to heat can make the berries difficult to rinse without damaging, but this can easily be avoided by storing them in the fridge for an hour or two before prepping.

Store Carefully

Proper storage can easily make or break your berries. Stay away from airtight containers, as raspberries need air circulation. If you don’t have the standard plastic container, try using something with air holes, like a colander. Either way, lining the bottom with a paper towel can help soak up excess moisture.

  • Pro Tip: It is very important to keep your berries away from your fridge’s crisper. The extra humidity will quickly decrease the quality of the fruit.