Eating Healthy During COVID-19

You may have heard it already – but staying healthy while ‘sheltering-in-place’ doesn’t just mean taking your vitamins! 

While hunkering down may be tough, eating healthy doesn’t have to be. Fresh produce is still available, and now is as good a time as any to learn how to use it in ways you may have never considered! 

‘Connecting Our Community’ is a way for the PRO*ACT network, a network of growers, distributors, restaurant owners, foodservice workers, chefs, and consumers alike, to come together as a community during this challenging time. Check back for resources, recipes, tips and tricks, and information on how to keep fresh produce on your plate. Use this opportunity to awaken your inner chef by finding new ways to cook, store, and serve fresh produce! Get more inspiration at

Here are some keyways to eat healthy while you ‘shelter-in-place:’

Focus on Real Food

Healthy, balanced food keeps us productive. It is vital to keep the true proteins, fibers, healthy fats, and fruits and vegetables on your plate. When picking up your groceries for the week, think through some healthy snack options, like grapes or carrots, so when you are looking to snack you avoid the chocolate and candy. Doing so will boost your mood and your health!

Plan Your Meals 

Having an organized schedule and meal planning goes hand in hand with eating healthy. Many local markets have distributors offering fresh produce boxes that last about a week. Pick up a box and plan out your week! Start off with what you know, then see how you can incorporate the fruits and vegetables that you are less familiar with. See if there are some fresh produce boxes available for curbside pick-up in your market here at

Try Something New 

You have the time now – you are home, there isn’t much to do, why not hone in your culinary skills? Take the time to learn how to cook something new and fresh! Did you know you can remove the bitterness from broccoli rabe by blanching it? Have you ever made frosting with citrus? Now is the time to not only learn how to eat fresh, but to be inspired as well.

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